Team Building

Team building are designed by our specialists based on clients requirements and needs.

Mass Recruitment

Conduct several-stages recruitment process to determine each skills required to the vacancies (such as English test, character profilling)

Pre-employment Training

Candidates will be equipped with a pre-employment training to familiarize them with the real-life scenarios realited to the job nature.

Soft Skills Training 

Polish candidate with soft skills needed to increase productivity such as communication skills, time management, etc

High Performance Culture Training

Provide training to instill the right culture and attitude needed for the job

Pool of Trained Candidates

Provide a pool of traines candidates prior to employment.

our services to individuals

resume clinic

polish and personalized participants' resume to make them more employable and attractive

Career councelling 

Personalized career counselling to assist candidate in coping with their career development issues/obstacles.

pre-employment preparation & simulation

Simulation of real-life scenarios, including interview situation to familiarize participants

networking & membership 

Provide opportunity to network with other industry players

Employment legal advice

Provide employment related legal advice to participants in need

short courses

Refresher-courses for participants to improve their knowledge & skills, and learn about new development thath are related to the jpb they do

career profilling

Personalized profiling to candidates to determine the most suitable career path according to personality and background

career monitoring & coaching

Timely monitoring and coaching to support participating in choosing the right career direction